Prescott — Goldwater lake

We visited 3 lakes up in Prescott, but I only brought my camera out at lake 1 and 2.

So here is part two of Prescott — Goldwater lake

The beautiful lake with snow

When I walked up closer to a part of the lake I thought that it was kind of odd that the water wasn’t ripply in one section. As I listened I also heard a scraping noise. I soon realized that a small section of the lake was frozen over! (a very big deal to a desert rat like me 😉 )

The frozen over area

The broken ice on top of the ice

A huge rock in the air...

... and it crashing through the ice!

You can see the frozen over area where it's not ripply

Ice crystals

This tree had holes ALL OVER IT (can you see the woodpecker?)

Here is a closer look at the holes.... Stashed nuts!

That is all for my Prescott trip, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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